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Giving Residents a Voice



Dan Farrell, Vice President of Real Estate for Roundy’s, the parent company of Mariano’s supermarkets, appeared before the Planning and Zoning Commission hearing on January 21, 2015 at which the proposed Mariano’s store on Naperville Road was reviewed. Mariano’s proposed tearing down the existing Dominick’s and building a new store, not in the exact same location as the existing Dominick’s. Under oath, Mr. Farrell testified regarding the use of larger trash units instead of dumpsters, reducing the noise and frequency of garbage truck pickups.

Turns out that’s not true, according to Ed Doyle, a resident who lives very close to Mariano’s, who addressed the Council on July 19, 2016.

Dan Farrell of Mariano’s also testified regarding the use of trucks for storage at the January 21, 2015 Planning and Zoning meeting.

Turns out that wasn’t true either.

Councilman Hinterlong brought the issue up at the City Council meeting on June 21, 2016, the meeting before Mr. Doyle's appearance. The Mayor was not sympathetic.

The Mayor’s point would be fair, if there was a store located where Mariano's is today prior to the residents buying their houses. Well, here's Mr. Doyle at the next Council meeting on July 19th....

The Mayor’s response to Mr. Doyle and the other residents?

Additional videos of the situation which the neighbors of Mariano’s are forced to deal with can be found on YouTube, under Naperville Mariano’s. Watch a few of them. Documented instances of repeated noncompliance of Municipal Code. Would you like that being put next to where you live?

So as part of the approval process, a Vice President of Mariano’s provides false testimony under oath before the Planning and Zoning Commission regarding conditions which will affect the quality of life of the surrounding residents in their own homes, and the only ones who suffer the repercussions of the false testimony are the residents who live nearby. The same residents who lived in the exact same houses before Mariano’s was built and had no issues.

Providing false testimony under oath has the same consequence to the owners of Mariano’s as submitting incomplete development plans with a material misstatement of the number of units had for the developer of Bauer Place: None.

Say one thing to get approved, then do another thing. Not a problem in Naperville.

What can we expect from a “Pro-Growth” and “Pro-Business” Mayor, with a Council which unanimously agrees with him 92% of the time?

Who exactly is this Mayor and Council representing?

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