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Avenida Development Proposal: The question of current residents vs. development.

Residents on the north side of Naperville recently started an online petition regarding a proposed annexation and rezoning for an apartment complex in the City of Naperville.

Avenida is a proposed development of 175 three story rental apartments for seniors, at Mill and Commons streets on the north side of the city. The land is currently unincorporated, and zoned for 38 single family homes. The proposal is requesting annexation and rezoning, not only from single family to OCI (Office, Commercial and Institutional District), but a significant variance even from the OCI zoning, which would allow for 110 units. Parking for the proposed 175 units would be 237 spaces, with 38 “land-banked” spaces available in the future, “should parking demand dictate the necessity.” So parking would be 1.35 spaces per unit, or 1.57 per unit if “demand dictates” the additional units. The site has the Harborchase development to the north, a church being constructed to the south, and a single family residential community to the west. Mill Street is on the east, with Nike Park across the street.

The proposal would annex land currently zoned for 38 single family homes and put 175 three story units right behind existing single family homes, with parking from 1.35 to 1.57 spaces per housing unit. Would the proposal alter the essential character of the neighborhood?

This seems to us to be one of those fundamental issues of protecting the interests of the existing residents while fostering an environment of growth and development. How do our elected officials balance protecting current residents, the ones that have been paying taxes for years and raising their families in their homes, versus expanding the tax base in the name of growth? There is an established community of single family homes. The vacant land to the east of them was zoned single family residential, with 38 single family homes allowed under current DuPage County zoning. Do the opinions and thoughts of the current residents matter? If you had one of those homes with a backyard across from the proposed development, or a block or two away, how do you think you would feel?

The case originally went before the Planning and Zoning Commission on January 18, 2017. The case was continued to February 15th, to allow the developer to meet with the residents. The developer then requested a continuance to March 15th. On March 15th, the developer asked for a continuance to April 19th. Why all the continuances? Could an April 4th election for City Council have anything to do with it?

We would encourage you to take a look at the issues and questions raised in the petition. If you agree with the residents, please sign the petition.

This is the home stretch for the City Council election next Tuesday. A candidate could probably not be expected to give an unqualified answer with 100% confidence regarding what their position would be if they were on City Council when this proposal goes before it. That said, it’s not unreasonable to ask their view on this proposal, as well as how these candidates would balance the rights and concerns of existing residents in the context of a development like this.

This is an issue that will inevitably return, in some other area of the city, at some point.

Candidates, care to go on record for this proposal, as well as your position on balancing the rights of existing residents in the context of a development such as this?

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